Swearing in Unicode

Swearing symbolsSometimes you just gotta swear, but don’t have the words for it. This is where grawlixes, or symbol swearing, comes in.

For text-only locations such as chats, Unicode offers a wide variety of characters to use. Unfortunately, the standard keyboard is not very well designed for versatile grawlix swearing. Furthermore, many browsers have started to render even previously “normal” characters as colored emoji characters. Mixing regular black characters with colored emoji may not produce the best results.

I tried to find a good set of grawlix characters from the Unicode character set and did a quick test which ones are rendered as emoji by common browsers and which aren’t. The results are below (YMMV):

Regular: #@?!§%&❢☆★✩
Depends on browser: ⚡‼⁉☁✔✖❣
Emoji: 🌟🔪🔫✊🌀⛈🌧🌩🔨💣❗👊🗡☠💀

Based on this I’ve provided a couple of ready options to copy-paste for your swearing needs:





Do you have any more characters to suggest?

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1 Response to Swearing in Unicode

  1. Egyptian heiroglyphics. Musical notes. 𓁤𓀔𓀅𓀄𓀉𓀉𓀂♪♫♬♪

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