No-nonsense ASCII chart

There are a lot of ASCII charts floating around the Internet.  However all of them seem to have a few fundamental problems:  They include the whole ASCII set in the chart and cram too much information of each char, making the chart illegible.  What I want is a clean, readable chart that I can glance at from a distance.

Therefore I made my own, the No-nonsense ASCII chart.  It features:

  • the hex code and character, easily legible from two meters away
  • the decimal code, since this is occasionally needed
  • only the control characters I have ever heard about  (NUL excluded – everyone knows that anyway)
  • numbers and letters as a range, not individually printed out
  • no nonsense

The chart is available in PDF and OpenDocument formats sized for A4 and Letter.  It’s licensed as CC-BY.  Customize as you will.

I recommend highlighting the most often used characters with a yellow highlighting pen (for web developers %, &, ? and =).

ASCII chart

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